Heed and hearken,

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficient the Most Merciful,

In Swahili there is a saying the translation of which is regrets are like grandchildren they come later.Most if not all of us have regrets; Things we did we wish we hadn’t,things we wish we did.Regrets suck.Most times we choose to let bygones be bygones forgive ourselves and move on.What if though a day comes when we can not move on.A tragic day wherein we are forever engulfed in the painful flames of regret.Where tears and apologies will be of no avail.Surely such a day will not come to pass or will it?

Two things are certain in life change and death.As humans we grow,we mature,we evolve and in the same breathe we also die.Each of us is on a journey from the cradle to the grave.We do not like to talk about death.Its too dreary.Lets focus on this life that we have. We have no guarantee of another life or do we?

This keyboard in front of me has a purpose.Each keystroke accomplishes a certain task.Thanks to it I am able to communicate my thoughts to you my dear reader in written form.As I look at my body my eyes,ears,nose…all my body parts;each has a distinct purpose.The clouds have a purpose,the moon has a purpose,the sun,the winds,all have a purpose.What about you.What is your purpose.What is my purpose?Why did I come from non-existence to existing as this living breathing thinking human?Why?

Everything that begins to exist has a cause.If I see a pen I know someone made that pen.If I see a plate of biriani I know someone cooked that biriani.If you see a house it goes without saying that someone built that house.Therefore how can we as an intellectual creation come to the absurd conclusion that the Universe in its grandeur and majesty intricate laws(majority of which we are yet to discover),how can we conclude that it just happened out of the blue.Presto! There you go.Behold here is a Universe that sprang out of nothing!Its not feasible is it dear reader?God exists and once we accept that fact that’s ingrained deep in the psyche of each and every one of us we will have taken a step in the right direction God Willing.

God must be extremely Wise and Knowledgeable to create all that we see around us.How each of it ties neatly to the next.The fact that were our planet just a little bit closer to the Sun we would not be here to tell the tale points to the attention to detail of our Lord.If everything else He created has a purpose then we too must have a purpose that befits our capabilities and all that we have been endowed with.

The world we live in is not just.People die of hunger when the planet produces enough to feed us all.Innocents languish in prisons,children are abused,innocents killed senselessly…Surely he who has keen insight will know that death is not the end.Criminals must pay for their crimes.

Thus dear reader the day is coming wherein all of us shall be judged as to whether or not we lived up to our true purpose.

True success on that day hinges on how well we used our listening and reasoning capabilities.Journey with me through the upcoming posts as we explore the signs around us to save ourselves from the wrath of our Lord.Surely His Punishment is severe.Yet His Mercy precedes His wrath.

My Lord forgive me and enter me into Your Mercy and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.


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