Every time it rains,

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful,

Dear reader, the universe is set up in a way that everything around us is a reminder;a sign post to the Divine.

InshaAllah we shall look into an ayah that hopefully will serve as a reminder.A reminder of what you may ask.The answer to that would be a reminder to the reality that we edge closer to its realization every breath we take.

Okay without further ado here is the ayah:

Quran 16:65

وَاللّهُ أَنزَلَ مِنَ الْسَّمَاء مَاء فَأَحْيَا بِهِ الأَرْضَ بَعْدَ مَوْتِهَا إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لآيَةً لِّقَوْمٍ يَسْمَعُونَ

“And Allah has sent down water from the sky then He revives the earth with it after its death.Indeed that is a sign fro people who listen”

One of the treasures of the Quran is that for every physical reality it points to there is a spiritual truth.We know for a fact that water is necessary for plant growth.Who sends down this water from the clouds above?Allah.That is the physical reality IE rain revives the dead earth by the permission of Allah.

Some of the  spiritual truths that can be got from this is:

  1. The Day of Judgement will come to pass,

Just as Allah the Exalted Most High brought life to the dead earth with water so is He capable to resurrect all of mankind on the Day of Judgement.On that day every soul shall be given its due recompense.Everyday it draws near…Are we prepared for it? “The day when wealth and children will not benefit anyone except he who will come to Allah with a sound heart.” (Surah Shu’ara-26, Aayah 88-89).Which leads us to our next point,

2.  Hearts can change,

Just as Allah swt sent down rain from above so did He send down the Quran.

Quran 12:2

إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ

“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.”(InshaAllah we will  get to reflect on this ayah in coming posts.)

Thus just as Allah revives the dead earth with the rain so does He Exalted be He bring life back to hearts that were dead due to disbelief and other sins.Alhamdulillah.Praise is due to Allah.

Therefore dear reader, never despair no matter how deeply immersed in sins you think you maybe there is always hope.Take the first step towards change and Allah will make the rest easy.

In order to revive your heart (By the Permission of Allah)  one of the ways is to listen to the recitation of the Quran.The Messenger of Allah peace be upon Him would ask the companions may Allah be pleased with them to recite the Quran out loud so that he could listen to it.In the authentic hadith(sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him) collection of Bukhari we find:

Narrated `Abdullah:

That the Prophet (ﷺ) said to him, “Recite the Qur’an to me.” `Abdullah said, “Shall I recite (the Qur’an) to you while it has been revealed to you?” He said, “I like to hear it from others.”

The Quran just like rain is a blessing to humanity.Without water our physical bodies would die and without the Quran our hearts will die.

Therefore dear reader,every time it rains ask yourself have you listened today?

and of course Allah knows best.

Praise is due to Allah in the beginning and the end.

Asalaam aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.(Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you)


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